Have you ever woken from a half-remembered dream, feeling like you've returned from a journey of a thousand leagues or more? I've  just discovered the quirky, dark and playful landscapes of Jacek Yerka.  Got to love his dreamlands, even if they make your head spin a little. Erosion Homestead Garden squared Brick and Stone

Won’t somebody think of the fishes??

Yes, the wee lil fishies in the sea. And how half of the fish caught in the North Sea are discarded - their limp corpses thrown back into the sea thanks to some very dodgy EU policies. Not to mention all the turtles and dolphins that die a horrible death tangled in purse seine nets …

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Muslim Panda Fights Raise Funds for Semtex

It's a tad unfair to choose this article for such a daft reason, but you should read it if only for the pleasure of coming across this marvellous sentence in The Independent: "Muslims in Darlington have been raising money for semtex by organising panda fights." The article by Mark Steel pours Montypythonesque scorn upon a …

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