Generous Tolerance

“Lands are not cramped by their people, but the character of their people can cramp.” (Arabic verse)

“Muslims, traditionally, were a welcoming people, filled with hospitality. Even the pre-Islamic Arabs disdained those who dishonored their guests; the Arabs would “make room” for their guests, opening not simply their homes but their hearts. The believer’s heart, a vast space that encompasses knowledge of the heavens and the earth, is big enough for all when filled with faith.

The idea of allowing room for others is not simply of providing them with physical space, as is indicated by the verse, “Believers, when you are told to make room in your assemblies, make room,” (Qur’an 58:11) but it includes a psychological space in the assemblies of one’s mind. To make room for others, even those who do not look or think like us, is to be generous — samih – liberal, vast.”

Extract from Shaykh Hamza Yusuf’s essay – “Generous Tolerance in Islam”

muslims protect jewish temple
Muslims form a circle of protection around a Jewish temple in Sweden.


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