Hello. Fancy a date?

Do you fancy a date? (Edible fruit, not candle-lit suppers I hasten to add - that's a whole other website.) I've been happily stuffing my face with Palestinian fairtrade Medjoul dates. These juicy morsels bear no relation to the syrup-soaked squishy cellophane-wrapped supermarket offerings. And wonder of all wonders, my autopsy inspections have (so far) …

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Warm n’ Fluffy Brit-Islam

Enough of the doom n' gloom. 'Tis summer and the rain is less-than-all-encompassing, so rejoice! And watch this trailer I found on Masud Khan's blog, for a glimpse of a warm n'fluffy documentary on British Islam. It all looks rather jolly 🙂 (Look out for the lovely fellow who announces "Labbayk Allahuma Labbayk....Please, no chit-chat!")