Sweet solidarity against hate in Egypt

A sweet act of solidarity by Egyptians following a horrific attack on the Coptic community on New Year’s Eve. I only wish I was optimistic enough to believe that a hate-bomber might hold respect for any human life – Muslim, Christian or even his own.  But that doesn’t take away from this bravery – well done Egyptians, you’ve done the human race proud. 🙂

Egypt’s Muslims attend Coptic Christmas mass, serving as “human shields”

Muslims turned up in droves for the Coptic Christmas mass Thursday night, offering their bodies, and lives, as “shields” to Egypt’s threatened Christian community.

Egypt’s majority Muslim population stuck to its word Thursday night. What had been a promise of solidarity to the weary Coptic community, was honoured, when thousands of Muslims showed up at Coptic Christmas eve mass services in churches around the country and at candle light vigils held outside. [read article here]

Banksy's Dove in a Bulletproof Vest


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