Privilege Check – freedom of religion

A reminder that the freedom of religion that so many of us take for granted is not a universal right. "When I was born, the strength of atheism was already declining in the Soviet Union. Yet, the ghost of atheism, and horrible memories of the Stalinist assault on Islam and Muslims were still very alive …

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Oh Happy Misery!

This is a now a very un-topical rant I wrote some years ago, on the 17th April 2014. Once it was out of my system I decided against posting it as my blood pressure had returned to normal and saner bloggers had expressed my feelings in calm, considered words without resorting to excessive exclamation marks. […]

Body and soul

A few years ago some very disturbing allegations and counter-allegations circulated on the net about the spiritual abuse of some women by some well-respected teachers. I had it in mind when I wrote the slightly flippant blogpost "Groucho Marx, the Borg and Me". This very thoughtful, balanced and courageous article by Ustadha Zaynab Ansari tackles …

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