Won’t somebody think of the fishes??

Yes, the wee lil fishies in the sea. And how half of the fish caught in the North Sea are discarded – their limp corpses thrown back into the sea thanks to some very dodgy EU policies. Not to mention all the turtles and dolphins that die a horrible death tangled in purse seine nets intended for tuna.

I found out that John West and Princes, two of the largest tuna brands in the UK, were at the bottom of the league of sustainably-caught tuna. And I’d fallen hook, line and sinker for their ‘dolphin-friendly’  nonsense! Greenpeace have a campaign called Fish Fight which is calling for a change to all this senseless waste. I urge you to get clued up on all things fishy, and join the call for change. Make Nemo proud!

In your quest to learn more, you might like to order the free Greenpeace Fish Guide, to help you make better informed decisions about eating fish. You know, I’ve been a little conflicted about North Atlantic Cod for a while – if they’re an endangered species, should I be eating them at all? I draw the moral line at eating pandas, (even if they’re halal-certified) or Siberian tigers. So why do I scoff over-fished cod just because it’s covered in crispy golden batter and tastes heavenly with chips on a Friday night? Well I’ve banned it from my menu now and replaced it with Basa, also known as Panga (not the same as the Punjabi ‘panga’ meaning ‘trouble’, unless it’s gone off , in which case the two meanings will collide in a bilingual bowel-bothering kind of way). Not sure it’s the most ethical cod-alternative, but it tastes near enough the same.

Turtles from Finding Nemo

I was shocked to learn that John West and Princes are at the bottom of the league table of sustainably caught tuna. Sign up with Greenpeace’s fish fight campaign to call for change.

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