Mullah Nasrudin and God’s House

God's House A beggar knocked on Mullah Nasrudin's door. Nasrudin opened the door a crack and peered out. "God has directed me to this house for a good meal," said the beggar. "I am sorry, but you have the wrong house," replied Nasrudin, pointing to the mosque. “God lives over there."


Nasrudin and the End of the World

A group of wise philosophers set out to discover the exact moment of the End of the World. They travelled far and wide and contemplated the mystery for many years. Having consulted every source of wisdom, they finally turned to Mullah Nasrudin. “We hear that you know when the End of the World will occur,” …

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One Green March, Two Black and White Tales

There was an environmental protest march this weekend in my city. It was organised by a Christian group as part of a wider national campaign. A Muslim organisation was also involved in a support role in this worthy cause, and their logo was discreetly placed in the corner of every banner. The Muslims were a …

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Mullah Nasrudin the Guest of Honour

At a formal function, Mullah Nasrudin entered the reception and seated himself upon one of the most impressive-looking chairs at the front. The Head Steward spotted the Mullah's humble attire and hurried over. “Sir, these seats are reserved for the guests of honour." "Oh good,” replied Nasrudin confidently, “because I am more than a mere …

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