Mullah Nasrudin and the Eulogy

Mullah Nasruddin was in a contemplative mood, drinking coffee with his friends. They found themselves pondering death and the legacy they would leave behind. "When you are lying wrapped in your shroud, with your friends and family mourning you, what would you like to hear them say about you?" asked a friend. "I would like …

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Mullah Nasrudin goes Fishing

Nasrudin heard that the Caliph had sent out a secret committee to identify suitable candidates for the position of qazis (judges). So Mullah Nasrudin began walking around with an old fishing net upon his shoulder. When the committee reached his village, the net drew their attention and they asked him about it. "Oh, I carry …

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Mullah Nasrudin the Guest of Honour

At a formal function, Mullah Nasrudin entered the reception and seated himself upon one of the most impressive-looking chairs at the front. The Head Steward spotted the Mullah's humble attire and hurried over. “Sir, these seats are reserved for the guests of honour." "Oh good,” replied Nasrudin confidently, “because I am more than a mere …

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