Quiet Resistance

Many years ago, I was at an all-day conference in Manchester which had multiple speakers. It was ticketed & although the women had paid the same amount for tickets as the men, we were relegated to a secondary space with just a fuzzy video link & terrible quality speakers. Only one man appeared to notice the complete …

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Oh Happy Misery!

This is a now a very un-topical rant I wrote some years ago, on the 17th April 2014. Once it was out of my system I decided against posting it as my blood pressure had returned to normal and saner bloggers had expressed my feelings in calm, considered words without resorting to excessive exclamation marks. […]

Body and soul

A few years ago some very disturbing allegations and counter-allegations circulated on the net about the spiritual abuse of some women by some well-respected teachers. I had it in mind when I wrote the slightly flippant blogpost "Groucho Marx, the Borg and Me". This very thoughtful, balanced and courageous article by Ustadha Zaynab Ansari tackles …

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Unexpected Muslims – Lord Stanley the Brother Baron

I thought I'd start a collection of  'Unexpected Muslims' - living or late, converts or born into the faith, whose lives challenge our preconceptions of what a Muslim ought to be. The collection will include people who've done something unexpected, unusual or outright eccentric with their lives - like deciding to become Muslim in 19th …

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