Ramadan Mubarak one and all!

Ramadan Mubarak, and what a Ramadan it is this year. Eighteeeen hour fasts I tell ya! And it’s sorting the fluffy lambs from the mountain sheep and no mistake. Some have fled for foreign shores, with shorter hours, but the rest of us stoics are keeping it together in these unusually sunny days.  And d’you know, it’s actually not that bad. Except for that last killer hour before sunset when your furry tongue sits heavy in your mouth, and your stomach contemplates divorcing you and moving in with the fat kid next door.

And every year, just as you fall for Ramadan all over again – mind over body, spirit over nafs (ego), getting the hang of it, tasting the sweetness…suddenly it’s Eid. So enjoy it while you can, because you know you’ll be missing it sooner than you think.



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