Hello. Fancy a date?

Do you fancy a date? (Edible fruit, not candle-lit suppers I hasten to add – that’s a whole other website.)

I’ve been happily stuffing my face with Palestinian fairtrade Medjoul dates. These juicy morsels bear no relation to the syrup-soaked squishy cellophane-wrapped supermarket offerings. And wonder of all wonders, my autopsy inspections have (so far) discovered not a single bug lurking inside these fat beauties.

Medjoul or Mejool dates are large, moist, naturally sweet dates around two and a half times bigger than your common or garden date. Apparently these dates were once reserved for royalty, but in these revolutionary times mere plebs like you or I can feast like Sultans of old. High in fibre, potassium and essential vitamins, dates provide a guilt-free sugar fix.

Palestinian fairtrade dates

This Ramadan make an ethical consumer choice, and support Palestinian farmers by buying a box of fairtrade Medjoul dates. These bonny babies are not cheap. They cost around £50 for a 5kg box, and the price reflects the difficulties in growing, harvesting and exporting the produce. However, tis possible to divide up a box and share the cost amongst friends and family.

If you’re in the UK, look up Zaytoun’s list of retailers for your nearest stockist. The Palestinian fairtrade website also has a list of international partners.


2 thoughts on “Hello. Fancy a date?

  1. minaretmuse

    You’re most welcome. ‘Tis a pity that fair trade is the exception rather than the rule. I hope you manage to get hold of some dates.

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