EcoIslam magazine free download

The latest issue of EcoIslam, the newsletter of  IFEES, the Islamic Foundation for …Green Stuff!, is now out has been out for a while. (Sorry)

Download it for free, here

Featuring articles on:

  • Islamic beliefs and Sumatran forest management
  • The Copenhagen Conundrum
  • Islamic Gardens in the UK
  • Planting trees in Indonesia
  • The green mosque initiative
  • The Climate Summit

2 thoughts on “EcoIslam magazine free download

    1. minaretmuse

      Saladin, you’re so right. Just have to make the change in ourselves first, then reach out to the rest of the world – one compost bin at a time 🙂 IFEES are a tiny organisation, but they do great work. Hope you enjoy the magazine.

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