Minaret ban?

Minaretmuse is not a-mused at the Swiss minaret ban.  Of course I’m biased in favour of all things minaret-ish (except for hideous plasticky ones). But what harm is there in a slender spire pointing to the heavens guiding our minds to higher things? It’s not as if they had a minaret-plague on their hands, there are only four in their entire country! Tch. In retaliation, I shall be banning all cuckoo clocks – now that’s a ban worth having.

My compatriots’ vote to ban minarets is fuelled by fear

Source: Chan'ad @Flikr

Tariq Ramadan

It wasn’t meant to go this way. For months we had been told that the efforts to ban the construction of minarets

in Switzerland were doomed. The last surveys suggested around 34% of the Swiss population would vote for this  shocking initiative. Last Friday, in a meeting organised in Lausanne, more than 800 students, professors and citizens were in no doubt that the referendum would see the motion rejected, and instead were focused on how to turn this silly initiative into a more positive future.

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One thought on “Minaret ban?

  1. politicspwn3d

    And Sarkozy’s apparent support of the ban only adds fuel to the very, very sad fire. Plus, why ban minarets in a country that only has four of them anyway? Unconscionable.

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