I have this effect on people…

So I’m in a store with a friend, browsing the shelves (such wild times we have…) and we pass a muslim couple, who give us a brief “ah fellow muslims” glance of recognition, and continue shopping.

The wife moves on along the shelves without her husband noticing, absorbed as he is in contemplating biscuits. Thinking she’s still behind him, he half turns and throws a packet into my basket. I smile, retrieve the packet and get his attention with “Thanks, but I don’t think I’d like them.”

I expect no more than a sheepish muttered apology in response. But this poor fellow, without a word, snatches the packet from my hand with a look of sheer panic and runs down the aisle after his wife.

Now what was that all about?

I think it’s best if we all just keep our Hobnobs to ourselves. Enough said.


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