Kidnap Ordeal

Alan Johnstone

Put yourself in the shoes of Alan Johnstone, a BBC journalist who was held hostage by a violent group in Gaza for over 3 months.

How would you maintain your sanity and dignity in such a situation? Fearing a violent end at any moment, while still hoping and trusting that you would survive the ordeal?

Alan Johnstone survived and writes about his experience in a very moving and humbling way. Having read his words, I have a lot of respect for this guy. Well done Alan.

” The kidnappers had forced me to lie face down on the floor. But after they left, and the small, bare room had fallen silent, I rolled over and pulled myself slowly into a sitting position.

My wrists were handcuffed behind my back, and a black hood had been pulled down over my head. And as I sat there – in danger, and afraid – I had a great sense of being at the very lowest point of my life.”

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