Introducing Mullah Nasrudin

I love the tales of Mullah Nasrudin.

They come from many cultures and lands including Albania, China, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Turkey, Uzbekistan and India to name just a few.

He’s a deceptively simple character with a unique way of looking at the world. You can enjoy his stories as simple humour, or read a little deeper for a valuable life lesson. Either way, you’ve got to smile at his antics. So when the world gets a little too dark to bear, Mullah Nasruddin saves my day.

I’m collecting his stories from all over the web for my personal amusement. Please feel free to contribute any you might come across.

The Moon or the Sun

Nasrudin is sitting in a café, when one of his neighbours walks by and asks, “So tell me, which is more important to people – the Moon or the Sun?”

“The Moon, of course!” Nasrudin replied.

“Why is that?” asked the neighbour.

“Well, when do you think we need light more – in the day or at night?” replied Nasrudin.


3 thoughts on “Introducing Mullah Nasrudin

  1. Mullah Nasrudin was excited but conflicted when he spoke to his wife, “The Supreme Leader has announced there will be a special election, but…as the presidential election caused chaos, the new election is for King, but there’s some special conditions…”

    The Mullah’s wife didn’t wait to hear the conditions.”You’ll make a fine King,” she said.

    “But the King is to serve for one year and then is expected to martyr himself in a foreign war.”

    The Mullah’s wife said, “Maybe you should run. I’ve always liked your brother–he could help you.”

    “Only a fool would run for this office,” Mulla Nasrudin said.

    The Mullah’s wife said,”Yes, of course, but that’s why you could win. I’ll make you a robe.”

    Mullah Nasrudin thought for a while and then said,”Yes, it’s decided, I will be King.”

    The Mullah’s wife was thoughtful, “You should write a will and I will marry your brother.”

    “That won’t be necessary. I can be King and live a long life.”

    She said, “You consider one year a long life?”

    “No,” he said, “on my last day as King, I will make a speech at the U.N.”

    Confused, she asked, “How will that help?”

    Mullah Nasrudin stood up in a Regal way and said, “I will abdicate and appoint the Supreme Leader as King.”

    “Will that work?” she asked.

    “No,” he said.”but you’ll love New York.”

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